Dr. Ben Udas

Meet Dr. Ben Udas

Dr. Ben Udas is a third-generation dental professional, born and raised amidst the stunning landscapes of Nepal. His journey, however, took him far from the Himalayas to the sunny shores of Southern California, where he now proudly calls home.

Education & Expertise:

Dr. Udas is a graduate of the esteemed Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine, Boston. His commitment to excellence in dentistry is unwavering, and he brings a world of knowledge and experience to his practice in Southern California. With a gentle touch and a keen eye for detail, he ensures each patient receives the highest standard of care.

A Love for Adventure:

When Dr. Udas isn’t crafting beautiful smiles, you can find him exploring the picturesque landscapes of California. He’s an avid mountain biker and hiker, always seeking new trails and breathtaking views. This love for adventure mirrors his dedication to providing top-notch dental care – it’s all about the journey to a healthier, happier smile.

Movie Buff at Heart:

Among the many facets of Dr. Udas, one is his love for cinema. His all-time favorite movie is “Interstellar,” a film that explores the boundless possibilities of the universe, much like how he explores the limitless potential of your smile.

Dr. Ben Udas combines his rich family tradition in dentistry with a global perspective, bringing warmth, expertise, and a touch of adventure to his practice. He’s not just your dentist; he’s your partner in achieving a healthy, radiant smile. Join him on this remarkable journey towards dental excellence.

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